Lingerie has always been a considered a piece of art on a woman's body in different forms. From 1910s Closed-Crotch to 1960's No-Underwear Underwear, our lingerie drawers are always changing and alternate with the latest must haves. But times have changed, and with so many variations of colours, shapes, and fabrics, It can be overwhelming to find the perfect lingerie set that suits your  demeanour and comfort. 

In this blog you will find all the tips and advice to help you find lingerie in which you will feel empowered, confident and sexy in your own skin. 




                                                   Back To Basics 

Women's breasts all very in shapes and sizes and are all uniquely beautiful in their own way. Therefore, for every breast type, there is a perfect bra! 

Slender breasts are usually wider at the top with nipples positioned a little lower. Women with this breast type often experience weak tissue and so It is important to lift and support the breast. For this breast shape we recommend a sexy push up or classic balconettes . Some great bras include the Emerald Green Balconette , Rose Red Padded Bra  and Red Marlot Balconette 

   Bell breasts are just how you imagine, narrow at the top and fuller at the bottom. This breast type can be beautifully emphasised in full coverage styles and balconettes if the cup size is a small one. We recommend Romantic Red Plunge Bra , Jasmine White Push Up Bra and for a smaller  cup Black Onyx Balconette

East west breasts are positioned outwards and the nipples towards left and right. The purpose of a bra is to bring the nipples back to the middle and avoid overflowing. The Deva Push Up Bra perfectly holds the breast and adds sexiness with lace detailing. T-Shirt bras are also a great option for this breast type. 

  Full breasts are evenly rounded and volumised. Therefore they do not need a lot of support from a bra, and can comfortably wear many different styles. Why not try Red Ruby Lace Bralette , Lolita Bralette  or Crystal Blue Balcony Bra

Relaxed shaped breasts have a soft , less full appearance with the nipples often positioned lower. Full coverage styles and balconettes perfectly shape and support this breast type. Some of our favourite ones are Passion Pink Balconette , Black Paradise Balconette  and Rose Red Padded Bra.

 Asymmetric breasts can be any of the mentioned shapes, with a difference in size between two breasts. To give a symmetrical look and comfort, we recommend a coverage bra with a removable padding to adjust the size. Some of our dreamy padded bras are Romantic Red Plunge Bra, Jasmine White Plunge Bra and Black Deva Bra 


                                                    Size Matters 

Nothing beats a well fitted bra right? No gaps in the bra or spillage, no wire marks after a long day , or uncomfortable adjustments throughout the day. But a lot of us women don't even know that we are wearing the wrong bra size ! Here are some of the signs you are wearing the wrong bra; 

  • If you experience a spillage from your bra cup ( top, sides, or bottom), you should change your bra size to one cup bigger. 
  • If there is a gap between your breast and the cup ( often can be seen when wearing a fitted top) you should change your cup to one size down.
  • If your straps fall often and cannot be fixed by adjusting them, it's time to get measured.

It is recommended that a woman gets her bra size measured every 6 months for the most accurate bra size. This is due to our breasts often changing due to weight gain/loss , ageing, medications, pregnancy, or birth control. 

How to get measured : 



Did you know you can choose lingerie colours to perfectly emphasise your features? In this section we will teach you all the tricks you need, to skip your black and white lingerie, and choose new, bold colours ! 


                                                                Tone It Up

You can really emphasise your skin's gorgeous colour by using complimentary coloured lingerie at your advantage. 
Women with fair skin tone may want to stick with pastel colours to bring out their delicate complexion , Crystal Blue Balconette would be the perfect set ! The Bloom and Wild Balconette is also good option , the gold undertones can be very complimentary for fair skin tones. 
Olive skin tones look amazing in deep, warm colours and earth tones. The Jade Green Balcnette and Retro Bordeux Balconette are perfect colours for the tanned skinned ladies! 
For the deeper complexioned women, light colours such as pastel and white are gorgeous contrasts which can perfectly emphasise your skin tone! Why not try the Ariel White Balconette 


                Windows To Your Soul

Your eyes can be softly, or dramatically emphasised by different lingerie colours. 

For the brown eyed ladies, rich shades of purple and green can really bring out your gorgeous eyes. Try the Jade Green Balconette . 

And what can accentuate a blue eye colour?yesss! more blue! It gives a very coordinated, aesthetically pleasing effect. We recommend the Crystal Blue Balconette. Alternatively, you can also try colours such as deep each and terracotta.

For the ladies with green/hazel eyed view, why not try a romantic red colour? The contrast will beautifully highlight your rare eye colour and make them really stand out! here are just a few from our collection : Red Romantic Plunge Bra , Rose Red Padded Bra.